Brighten, intelligent electronic UV-C sanitization within everyone's reach

Low cost and highly effective sanitation

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    The only intelligent electronic sanitization within everyone's reach

    Brighten is the only electronic intelligence, cheaper and more effective in the field of environmental sanitation existing today on international markets. Brighten, thanks to its simple installation method, allows to avoid exorbitant costs of plant engineering and home automation for the environmental control of the areas to be sanitized.

    Electronic system for UV-C lamps against germs, bacteria and viruses

    Brighten is able, thanks to its connection to lighting systems with UV-C lamps, to make germs, bacteria and viruses inactive at 99.99%, including the COVID-19 virus, thus obtaining the only environmental sterilization results certified by the ‘Higher Institute of Health.

    UV-C sanitization maximum efficiency in all sectors

    UV-C sanitization is a technology that has been used for over 40 years in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Thanks to the Brighten electronic system, UV-C sanitization is finally applicable in all sectors

    Commercial and industrial facilities

    UVC lamps disinfect air and surfaces in commercial and industrial environments intended for production, packaging or sales

    Catering sector

    UV-C rays increase food safety and conservation, eliminate odors, grease deposits and molds in kitchens, purify the air in dining rooms

    Healthcare environments

    In healthcare facilities, sanitization using UVC lamps prevents the transmission of viruses or bacteria present in the air

    The Brighten system and the advantages of UV-C technology

    The Brighten system and the UV-C lamps are a combination of excellence because they eliminate the risks of ozone dispersion, a guarantee that has been confirmed by scientific studies on the subject of the Higher Institute of Health. UV-C radiation has the ability to modify the DNA or RNA of microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing and therefore being harmful.



    UV-C technology has been used effectively for over 40 years



    All tested bacteria and viruses respond to UV-C disinfection



    Disinfect surfaces and objects in minutes



    It can be used in all public and private environment

    In vitro studies have clearly shown that UV-C light is capable of inactivating 99.99% of the influenza virus in aerosol W (44, 45). The virucidal and bactericidal action of UV-C rays is demonstrated in studies on the virus MHV-A59, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV- 1.

    The Control App

    Brighten uses a dedicated, intuitive, versatile and adaptable App according to needs, which manages the complete programming of times and areas to be sanitized with automated control of human presence in self-locking protection.

    In addition, the application allows the processing of periodic reports and the formulation and printing of a regular document of successful sanitation that within the company, it will be possible to give it to the control bodies.

    Brighten is alongside the companies


    Choose the solution that best suits your needs, trust the experts.


    Smart installation

    The installation will not need expensive dedicated systems or home automation, just adapt the existing ones with small interventions of your trusted technician.


    Economic and fiscal benefits

    Brighten, being one of the products defined as “safeguarding public health”, is subject to economic incentives or compensation for tax credits from virtuous countries.

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